Call for Proposals

The Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica offers observing time at the two 32-m radio telescopes in Medicina and Noto. 


The present call refers to the time frame 1st June 2018 to 30th November 2018.

The deadline is fixed for Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, at 23:59 CEST.
The following regular deadline will be on October 1st, 2018.


Form and submission 
The package for proposal preparation can be downloaded at the page indicated in the left-panel menu. Submission must be performed following the instructions there reported.
Please notice the proposal form has changed over time. Proposers are requested to use the current version of the style file.

Observing modes 
This call refers to single-dish observations (continuum and spectroscopy) and VLBI observations being requested outside the EVN or IVS coordination. VLBI observers must take care of organizing the availability of international telescopes if needed by their observations. They are also required to arrange the storage and correlation of their data. IRA might supply correlation time and disk space (also for VLBI experiments to be correlated elsewhere); PIs are invited to contact us prior to submission, in order to assess the availability of these services for their specific needs.
Coordination of the telescopes for simultaneous single-dish observations is also possible.
Observations can be carried out locally or remotely; proper induction and assistance are provided to novice users.

Offered instrumentation 
An essential summary of the offered receivers and back-ends can be found in this page. 
The installation of guest back-ends is welcome; in interested, please contact us to verify the technical feasibility.
We strongly recommend to read detailed information at the following page:
The page is conceived to supply information and tools to single-dish users, but it links to generally useful resources, including the antenna full manual and the calendars showing the allocated time at the different telescopes. 

Target of Opportunity policy (ToO)
The Istituto invites submission of target-of-opportunity proposals at any time, using the official proposal form.
A proposal for a ToO must demonstrate the exceptionality of the proposed target and an extremely high scientific impact. In addition, the justification has to clearly highlight the reasons for having submitted outside the regular call for proposals, as well as the urgency for the observations to be timely scheduled.

Director Discretionary Time (DDT) 
Users can exceptionally apply for DDT, which is flexibly managed by the Institute Director for extemporary needs - e.g. extra maintenance, tests, recover time, instruments development.
DDT time can be also employed to carry out feasibility tests asked by the community.

Contact information 
For any enquiry please contact us at observing (at) 

User support 
Although we strive to provide full technical support to the projects, due to the present funding situation we are not able to always guarantee it. 



For any publications based on observations with the IRA telescopes please use the following acknowledgement:
"Based on observations with the Medicina (Noto) telescope operated by INAF - Istituto di Radioastronomia" and please send a copy of any paper using the IRA telescopes data to Jan Brand - e-mail: brand (at)